Water Release: Perfect Reflection Technique


Appears in

Movie only



Ninjutsu, Clone Techniques, Kinjutsu


Nature Icon Water Water Release




Short to Mid range

Other jutsu


  • Akira Hozuki
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This technique is a more advanced version of the Water Release: Water Mirror Technique. Anything reflected off of the surface of a body of water can be created from that body of water. If the creations are of living things then they function like water clones. Except they can use any and all abilities of whatever was reflected. If what was reflected was a technique then the same technique is merely shot out of the water regardless of type. The problem with this technique is that the target has to be close enough for the water to reflect the image properly as well as the body of water being of the appropriate size to reflect certain targets. Also when a technique is shot out of the water it consumes the same amount of chakra from the user as it does for the target. This principle is also the same for any techniques that are performed by water clones that are created via this technique. So while this technique is quite powerful it can end up draining the users chakra quickly and leave them exhausted depending on how many things they create from the water.

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