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Verg Avesta


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Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood


  • Angra Mainyu
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  • Erukidō
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The user's damage being reflected upon a foe.

Verg Avesta is a wound-sharing primal curse, which is one of the simplest curses of retribution, and is the stump technique from which the modernized version, Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood. It causes any damage taken by user to also be dealt to the attacker by reflecting it directly on their soul. The ability causes no wounds to appear, but simply mirrors the pain associated with the wound onto the opponent; however once the pain is reflected the victim is immediately linked to the user, enabling him to utilize his secondary abilities.

The damage will not heal until that of the user are healed. The weakness in the ability is that it not only requires the user to be wounded, but he must also be conscious, as he must consciously activate the ability by chanting its name.

Angra Mainyu describes it as being on the level of an automatic typewriter that is useless in a fight due to it being unable to kill anyone indefinitely, while its only advantage is that it is able to put indescribable emotions and emotions one isn't aware of into words.

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