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The Finger of the War God

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  • Gaiaku Uchiha
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Tyrfing is the sword Gaiaku's Susanoo wields in its right hand. It dons the appearance of a blade of flames similar to a regular Susanoo Sword, and is an enchanted blade capable of utilizing three different effects, all of which stem from the one controlling the ethereal embodiment; Tyrfing's three abilities stem from Gaiaku's mastery over the Six Paths of Pain:

  • It is capable of both attracting and repelling physical objects, to and from the blade in a similar fashion to Banshō Ten'in and Shinra Tensei. - Deva Path
  • It is capable of slicing through and absorbing anything composed of chakra in a similar fashion to the Blocking Technique Absorption Seal technique, although does not don a dome. - Preta Path
  • It is capable of tearing out and altogether severing the souls of humanoids it comes into contact with, instantly killing them as a result in a similar fashion to the Soul Removal technique. - Human Path

However the immense boost in power does not come without a price; Gaiaku cannot access the abilities of the Paths used by Tyrfing (Deva, Preta, Human) until he removes Susanoo from the battlefield, more specifically the blade itself.


  • The Tyrfing (ティルヴィング; Literally meaning "The Finger of the War God") is a sword originating from Norse Mythology that was the cursed sword of Svafrlami, from the Elder Edda. The sword shone and gleamed like fire, although the dwarves that forged it cursed it in turn, so that it possessed three great evils.

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