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Tizheruk are snake-like constructs of ice manipulated by Gaiaku Uchiha via his application of Yin–Yang Release. They are swift and agile creatures with transparent bodies, of which can only be sighted by those possessing chakra-perceiving dōjutsu like the Sharingan, although amidst a snow storm, they are rendered invisible to even those possessing them, unless viewed head-on. They are usually summoned in groups of seven.

Due to being augmented for speed, they are relatively fragile, and a powerful chakra-enchanced blow would suffice to decimate them entirely. They are like other ice constructs however, highly-resistant to Fire Release techniques, capable of outlasting even a point-blank Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. When they make physical contact with an organism, or are made physical contact by an organism, they induce frostbite to the affected area(s), which will sap away at their health, whilst reducing the functionality of those areas. They are capable of exploding, and when they do so, flash-freeze anything, and everything surrounding them.


In Inuit mythology, the Tizheruk is a mythical large snake-like creature that is said to inhabit the waters near Key Island, Alaska. This legend was first started by the Inuit. It is said to have a 7-foot head and a tail with a flipper. The local natives claim that it has snatched people off piers without their noticing its presence. It is also called Pal-Rai-Yûk. It is said to be similar to Naitaka of the Okanakanes (Ogopogo) and the Haietlik of the Nootka.

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