Time Stop: The World

Time Release:Time Stop-The World

Time stop



時遁: 時を止まれ- 世界


Jiton: Toki wo tomare- Sekai

Literal English

Time Release: Time Stop- The world


Appears in

Game only



Kekkei Genkai


Time Release, Ninjutsu

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  • Kyutu
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A Time Ninjutsu that is practically only usable by those who have the Perfect Chakra System kekkei genkai. This Jutsu stops the flow of time of everything within 15m for 5-10 seconds, depending on the user, except for natural light, natural gravity, and the user of the jutsu him/herself.

A few rules apply to this time stop as well.

-Chakra Based techniques are nullified as soon as this is activated. The user themselves can not use any chakra based abilities while time is halted, due to any chakra's inability to move. The after effects of the jutsu make this side effect abundantly clear, as any non-natural or self fueling chakra (like seals) that was in the area will vanish immediately.

-Physical attacks and damaged launched through out the halted time is drastically reduced, only about 25% of any damage from a force will be received from within the frozen time. As soon as the time stop ends normal damage will apply however.

-Motion from forces however will still apply 100% AFTER the end of the time stop. A throw kunai from the user will stay stationary until time stop's end, where it will continue it's flight fast and strong. A push inside the stop will result in the motion which would have resulted from the same push outside the stop, but with 25% of the pain from the push alone when applied in conjunction with the above.

As for Kyutu, due to practice and time, he has gotten the hang of this technique, and can use it up to 5 times in battle before wearing out, with at least a minute and a half between each use.

This Jutsu's name is a reference to the manga and anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The main villain Dio Brando uses an ability called "The World" to stop time, usually combined with surrounding the target with thrown knives.

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