Thunder Breaker

Thunder breaker





Kaminari Kuzushi

Literal English

Thunder Breaker



[[|Chapter #555]]


[[|Naruto Shippūden Episode #666]]

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Anime, Manga and Game


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God-Killing Spear, Zantetsuken, Suzumebachi


  • Haishiro Enishi
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This legendary blade is an ancient relic that was once passed down from the Lightning Dragon, Raikou onto those that he deemed worthy; this blade is the personification of the Dragon's Soul.

Interesting enough this sword has a replenishable amount of chakra and is capable of performing Lightning techniques that take almost no chakra from the user, but is instead drawn out from the weapon itself. It has the capacity to perform about five techniques before it will need to recharge; this is done by placing the blade back into its scabbard.

The blade will slowly regenerate its chakra after a long period of time and should the sword be emptied of its chakras, it will take about a half-day to a day before it is fully recharged.


  • The blade is also able to absorb techniques made by chakras of the same frequency, but can not absorb natural Lightning.

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