The Taiyou Clan

Taiyou Clan

(Literally meaning "The Sunlight Clan")


Appears in

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Kekkei Genkai

Known Members


The Taiyou clan is not like most clans. Their Kekkei Genkai is not gained through an inherited bloodline, It is instead chosen by "Destiny" much as is the Rinnegan, although it should be noted that those with 1 or both parents being Sky Knights one has a higher chance of attaining the Kekkei Genkai then one who does not. Thus allowing members of this clan to be born from different villages with varying specialties.



Sky Squire

a general term denoting users of Light Chakra who can only activate the Kekkei Genkai's passive abilities.

Sky Knight

A term used to classify members of the Taiyou clan, it is the most commonly used term even if the person in question holds a different rank they are classified under. To attain this rank one must not only have the Taiyou Clan's Kekkei Genkai, but must be able to use the first 7 Techniques that the Kekkei Genkai allows.

Sky Templar

denoted to Sky Knights who are able to summon Sky Swords. To do this one must have the kanji for Sky (Sora) burned somewhere on their body. This tattoo will then allow the user to summon skyswords with a little practice.

Sky Paladin

To attain the Rank of Sky Paladin one must find a holy artifact. the carrying of such powers up the users Light chakra into what is known as Light Chakra level 2. It is not only much more potent in purification properties and power but also changes color from yellow to white.

Empyrean Knight

Only a select few have attained this rank. It allows the usage of the 8th and 9th Light Chakra Technique. Akira has noted that "if you figure out the secret to performing Empyreal Art: Sky Cross, then you have officially ascended to the rank of Empyrean Knight"

Light Chakra

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