Literal English

Heavenly Rebirth Fang

English TV

The Blade of Life


Appears in

Game only



  • Gaiaku Uchiha
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The Tenseiga (天生牙) is a sword that belong to Gaiaku Uchiha. The sword has a special property in that it cannot harm objects physically, which is ironic for a sword.

Tenseiga gives its wielder the ability to use Meidō Zangetsuha in combat.


Tenseiga allows its wielder to slice 'past' physical objects, and instead strike at, and severe, the chakra composing them. For example, Gaiaku as the wielder can slice through the body of somebody wrapped in armor composed of, and by chakra (the same goes for the chakra-amplified forms of Cursed Seal-possessors and Jinchūriki entering tailed beast states) without inflicting any physical wounds, however it can severe the chakra-composed armor, ultimately nullifying it. If it passed through any of a person's tenketsu points, the chakra flow in that particular area would be disrupted while the activity was being carried out, making utilizing ninjutsu within the blade-length of Tenseiga tremendously risky. It also renders most fūinjutsu useless as well.

This blade predominantly relies on its wielder's ability to manipulate another composite's chakra, hence mastery over the the Preta Path is the minimal requirement in order to wield the blade. In the hands of somebody not possessing the Preta Path, or a Shadow Clone of a person who possesses it, Tenseiga will bear the properties of an ordinary katana.

Despite possessing the properties of the Preta Path, Tenseiga itself is incapable of absorbing chakra, only being capable of 'banishing' its presence wherever struck. Hence it is at an immediate disadvantage against untempered, physical objects, like kunai. Notably while it is being wielded, Gaiaku cannot access Preta Path abilities unaffiliated with this weapon.

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