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Sudama (魑魅, Mountain Demon) is a puppet created and used by the puppet master Eikan. It takes on the appearance of a menacing looking demon with red mane like hair, large jagged teeth, and razor sharp claws. The mane on its body makes the puppet appears larger, providing an excellent intimidation display; this aids the puppet during confrontations with other puppeteers or opponents. Sudama is one of Eikan’s most frequently used puppets, and is manly used for offensive and direct combat, throughout the years Eikan has made various modifications to this puppet installing it with various weapons and abilities alike that provides an advantage in close quarter or even long distance combat. The puppet is usually stored on a indigo coloured scroll which Eikan keeps with him at all times for easy access and summoning.


- A large Spiked Mace covered in poison, it is Sudama’s main weapon used to crush enemies with brute force, and it is made from tough steel alloy, so the mace is quite durable and not easily breakable.

- Smoke bombs launchers are installed on both of its arms in order to blind an opponent. The smoke bombs also contain poisonous gas which serves as a secondary purpose.

- There is also a propulsion system underneath its feet’s that allows it to shoot chakra in order to propel itself in a linear direction, and greatly increasing its speed. This allows it to tackle an enemy or others puppets with brute force.

- Sudama also has a small canon like device installed inside its mouth that allows it to spew out intense fire. The canon in its mouth functions similar to a flamethrower, the flames are fierce enough to melt rocks and incinerate a metal kunai near instantly. Apparently it uses scrolls to replenish its ammunition.

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