Shintou Seirei

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霊夢 藩



Literal English

Shinto Spirit


Appears in

Game only



  • Hakurei Clan
Known Wielders

Shintou Seirei (れいむ, Literally meaning Shinto Spirit) is the kekkai genkai for the Hakurei Clan, which grants them an attunement to the use of spiritual chakra and a blessing of hi-intuition abilities similar to the Sharingan's ability to foresee oncoming attacks as well as reading hostile intentions. By using and attuning themselves to their respective goddess of worship, Hakurei Clan members are capable of using Spiritual Chakra, a variation of chakra not used for ninjutsu or genjutsu, but to fuel the useage of the Hakurei Kuchiyose, Hakurei Orbs.

Shintou Seirei is as powerful as the Hakurei in question, however is found stronger in those closer towards the main family housing the Shinto Demon simply known as The Hakurei. As a result, the Hakurei Clan is split in division between Side and Main Branch families; those that have weaker intuition and can only use four of the traditional Hakurei Orbs, and those that can commune with the goddesses and control all seven.


The main abiility of the Hakurei is the use of spiritual chakra to summon and control Hakurei Orbs, large glowing sentient yin-yang orbs that channel to the Hakurei through their spiritual faith. As a variation of Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, the orbs can be used by the Hakurei to channel jutsus through and use from a range either from the Hakurei, or from the orb instead. Theres a total of seven Hakurei Orbs that can be used, however each can only use a certain style, seperating the Hakurei Orbs into specific orbs; Katon Orb, Suiton Orb, Raiton Orb, Fuuton Orb, Doton Orb, Hyouton Orb, and Barrier Orb.

Each Hakurei is born with unnaturally high intuition, a sixth sense used to feel, anticipate and expect an outcome or an intention. Through typical use of the Hakurei Intuition, they've protect and defended those that would endanger friends and those under their care. Along with intuition, after a large portion of battle experience, each Hakurei grows the ability of flight, a method to propel and substain chakra through the feet of the Hakurei and send them upwards into the sky in a manner similar to flying and levitating.

For those of the main branch comes the duty of spreading the shinto religion to those that would join, and more importantly watching over the Hakurei carrying the burden of the Shinto Demon. While she is not a jinchuuriki in chakra power, The Hakurei was reknown for her massive spiritual power and physical prowness and ruthlessness, and to the miko carrying her, the ability to tap and attune themselves to the demon is available, sacrificing emotions and rationality for cruelty, ingenious battle experience and physical power.