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Shijisha (支持者, Defender) is a fairly large metallic looking puppet frequently used by the puppet master Eikan; this puppet is mostly used along with its brother puppet Sadama. The puppet resembles a humanoid armored warrior, with a hulking physique, large fists, and a single eye on the top of its helmet like head, its overall appearance makes it similar looking to a Cyclops. It has various red tattoos or symbols all around its armored body and attached to its chest are two small electric devices. This puppet is mainly used for defensive purposes, but it can also be used as an offensive weapon. It internal structure is slightly different than its brother puppet Sudama, as it consists of more mechanical gears, and is also made from a tough metallic alloy, thus increasing its defensive properties greatly. Eikan uses this puppet to protect himself from closed ranged attacks and also uses it to push back an enemy.

As a result of being made from a tough metallic alloy, its overall defensive properties are increased, because of this it is extremely resilient even more so than its brother puppets Sudama. It is capable of taking a direct punch from a puppet much larger than its own size and is also able to withstanding powerful lightning and fire based attacks. Even in a weakened but not completely damaged state, the Shijisha is still dangerous.


- The body is installed with an electrical power supply and as a result it is powered by a flat array of miniature batteries built into its chest plate. He could use theses electrical battlers to execute lighting based attacks, capable of electrocuting and paralyzing an opponent.

- The large gauntlets are equipped with a variety of retractable cutting devices capable of cutting through wood and soft metals. Theses cutting devices can be used to cut and destroy other puppets and can also be used to cut through obstructing obstacles.

- Shijisha can detach and fire its hand like a rocket. Upon focusing electrical energy into its wrist, the hand will be launched towards the target. As a result of the electrical devices installed within the puppet, it can generate a small magnetic field that can be used to draw the hand back for reattachment.

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