Solo's Samurai Wolf - Torru

Wolf Howl Samurai Boy by derSheltie


Torru is a Cunning, tacticful, powerful Wolf. Being a Creature of honor, Torru accepted Takeo as a partner and summoner solely for the fact that Takeo was someone of great skill as well. Torru uses two normal Katana. Torru is a Master of the Shunshin Technique. He has incredible Strength.

Takeo is the sole Contracter to Torru. He is the Official Holder of Torru's Summoning Scroll. Takeo is now in possession of the Contract from a scroll Solo left for him.

Affinities: Doton and Fuuton

Uchiha Razvan's Samurai Wolf - Midokami



Midokami or "The Green Wolf" is Uchiha Razvan's personal summon.Midokami accepted Razvan as his partner after seeing his potential and because both had been training for a lot of time.The nickname "Green Wolf" comes from the green armour Midokami uses as well as the green and white fur he has.He is able to use Raiton jutsus and has great strenght and speed also being able to fight using his katana.Being able to talk and walk like humans for short distance,tho it prefers running on all feet due to the increase in speed it gives him.Midokami is the sole contracter to Uchiha Razvan.


Midokami is mostly calm and friendly,but in battle he can become angry and very violent.He enjoy's battles and becoming stronger and is very friendly and protective towards Razvan.He is also very inteligent,being able to come up with strategies and counter attacks.


Having an unusual white and green fur,he is also quite large,almost as big as his owner when on all 4 legs and a close to 2m when on 2 feet.He also wears armour similar to Torru but colored green.


He is able to talk and walk short distances same as a human.Also being able to use kenjutsu,being very skilled at it,by using his paws or mouth to hold his katana.He is also able to use some Raiton jutsus and chakra flow to increase the sharpness of his sword and has great strenght and speed.Also being able to use collaboration jutsus with his owner.

He also has most abilities of ninken,like having a sharp sense of smell.Being able to track people easly using their scent and finding how far someone is or how strong they are.And his sharp teeth also allow him to deliver deadly bites to enemies.

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