Rairyuu Toraidento


Literal English

Lightning Dragon Trident


Appears in

Game only



Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release




All ranges

Other jutsu


  • Akasaka Rakudo
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A Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Lightning Element. Once the handseals are completed for his jutsu, Rakudo will extend his hand. A bright light, which is sure to blind the unsuspecting onlooker, would be emitted from the palm of the extended hand, and as the light fades a trident made of pure electricity would be in its place. The trident can be used as a deadly projectile or as a mid-range combat weapon constantly feeding off Rakudo's chakra. The name was given to this jutsu due to the loud "roar" it makes when it comes in contact with its target and discharges. This "roar", if close enough, can disorient an opponent.

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