Power Release: Magnum Opus







Rikiton: Saikō Kessaku

Literal English

Power Release: Magnum Opus

English TV

Energy Style: The Great Work


Appears in

Game only



Nature Icon Power Kekkei Tōta, Ninjutsu, Chakra Absorption Technique


Nature Icon Power Power Release




Offensive, Defensive


Short to Mid range


  • Yūmei Kokūzō
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  • Yūmei Luenah
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This is a technique where Yūmei may offensively channel chakra from the tip of a finger into the air as red lightning, which may then expand and branch off as a web, which upon contact entirely incapacitates soluble matter (i.e humans) whilst absorbing their chakra into his own reservoir. The rate can easily be hastened, variably-intensifying the pain inflicting upon the victim(s). This is however, the effect when used offensively, where the methods of which it can be manipulated are more endless.


The vitality-absorption effect and result of the lightning.

Defensively Yūmei may generate the lightning around his body, though not in a fashion which would bolster his own physical and psychological capabilities, rather merely a snare to rapidly sap away the chakra, even the life force of those who retain physical contact with him, if only for a couple of seconds. In several seconds he can entirely sap a limb of its chakra and vitality, indicating that the lightning is far more lethal when he can fuel the chakra required for it in an instant.


  • The Great Work (Latin: Magnum opus) is an alchemical term for the process of creating the philosopher's stone. It has been used to describe personal and spiritual transmutation in the Hermetic tradition, attached to laboratory processes and chemical color changes, used as a model for the individuation process, and as a device in art and literature. The magnum opus has been carried forward in new age and neo-hermetic movements which sometimes attached new symbolism and significance to the processes.

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