Power Release: Albedo






Rikiton: Tamashī no Shirosa

Literal English

Power Release: Albedo

English TV

Energy Style: Whiteness of the Soul


Appears in

Game only



Nature Icon Power Kekkei Tōta, Ninjutsu


Nature Icon Power Power Release






All ranges


  • Yūmei Kokūzō
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This is a technique where the user conjures a sphere of white-like chakra in front of their palms, before releasing a concentrated beam of energy possessing highly explosive penetrative power, which rapidly expands the further it travels whilst using the red lightning associated with Power Release as a catalyst.

Upon projection, the sphere rapidly transforms into a beam capable of decimating almost-all matter caught within its ever-increasing trajectory path, and can travel for quite some distance depending on the quantity of chakra focused in the technique's primitive utilization. Its overall damage output can be reduced through the conjuration of an extremely-formidable barrier or the usage of a highly dense scapegoat, although there exists very few defenses capable of defending against the entire blast, while although it is a less-concentrated, and hence, less-powerful relative of the Tailed Beast Ball.

The light emitted by the beam is equivalent in terms of brightness to a flash bomb, making it extremely useful in blinding those outside of its trajectory path.


  • Albedo is one of the four major stages of alchemy; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinicized term meaning "whiteness" and follows the nigredo stage. Following the harrowing, chaotic nigredo, it is necessary for purification provided by the albedo which is literally referred to as ablutio; the washing away of impurities by aqua vitae.
  • Psychologist Carl Jung equated the albedo with unconscious contrasexual soul images; the anima in men and animus in women. It is a phase where insight into shadow projections are realized, and inflated ego and unneeded conceptualizations are removed from the psyche.

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