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Petrification Gauntlet




Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

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Ishidate wears a special gauntlet on his right hand that possesses two abilities.

This gauntlet's first special ability, which is to petrify anything that it touches, activates when Ishidate touches his target with it. The eye on his gauntlet will open and send chemicals through the target's body, turning the body into stone; the amount of body petrified is determined on how long he grips onto their body and where; he petrified Kakashi's arm by grabbing onto it, but Korega completely became a statue from a strike on the back. If treated with the appropriate medical ninjutsu the petrified portion can return to normal. If the body remains in this stone form for too long, though, it will remain petrified forever. Also, the petrified bodies become brittle and fragile, making it easy to shatter, and killing the victim.

The gauntlet's second ability is to manipulate other stone. Ishidate can levitate stone, even causing chunks of it to break off from the rooftop and use them as his weapon. He can levitate them to serve as a platform for him to stand in mid-air, split them into numerous daggers and launch them as sharp projectiles or rain them down from above. This ability is somewhat a form of telekinesis.

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