Perception Transfigured


Literal English

Genjutsu: Perception Transfigured

English TV

Perception Transfigured


Appears in

Movie only





Nature Icon Yin Yin Release




Offensive, Supplementary


Short to Mid range

Hand seals



  • Naito Uchiha
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Perception Transfigured is a genjutsu utilizing Yin Release which can be activated through any of the five senses, but is usually used through sight, sound, or touch. It's affects are unnoticeable at first to someone who does not have a dojutsu, but it supplants the reality of the user and the victim, though the user remains aware of the real world. While active, the user and victim stand motionless, their minds immersed in the genjutsu world. The victim can escape through stopping their chakra flow, assuming he is proficient enough to escape using this method, but cannot otherwise affect his real body. Within the genjutsu, the user can control the very fabric of reality, but this has minimal affect on the real world. The more the user bends reality, the more chakra it drains.The main use of this technique is in combination with the Gensō-no-Tsurugi, which can extend the genjutsu's affect on the opponent for short time after its deactivation, while releasing the user from the paralyzing affects.

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