Pōison Blood Release

Poison Blood release



毒薬 血液遁


Dokuyaku Ketsuekiton


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  • Hayashi clan
The Poison Chakra Release (毒薬 血液遁, Dokuyaku Ketsuekiton) is a special jutsu that is known only to the
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Hayashi clan members. Riko Hayashi was the creator of this style, having gained it through special means. It became a bloodline trait that very few members had, being only four or five recorded that had attained it. It is attained while still in the womb, often coating the baby in their own poisoned blood which is harmless to the mother. Once exposed to air, the blood becomes a dangerous weapon that can be molded, shaped and solidified into weapons of blood. It can also be used defensively, and makes the user of this bloodline trait immune to all poisons. Users of this ability can manipulate their own blood. Though if they manipulate their own blood, they need to be careful not to expend too much otherwise they bleed to deal, which makes this bloodline trait a hazardous one. Using it
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constantly slowly drives the user insane, having been exposed to the poison of their own body too much. Everyone one of the clan members who attained the Poison Blood Release have been medic nin's so that they can regenerate and regrow the lost blood cells that they have lost quickly and efficiently during missions, that way they don't slow their team down.

The blood is released through Chakra Transfusion.