Nightmare Illustrations






Akumu no yōna irasuto

Literal English

Illustrations, such as nightmare

Viz manga

Nightmarish Arts

English TV

Nightmare Illustrations


Appears in

Movie only





Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary


All ranges


  • Kyte Mebara
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Nightmare Illustrations

Nightmare Illustrations is one of Kyte's scariest styles of art, He will quickly pull out a blank scroll and with his skilled hands draw creatures from his and many others own nightmares. These monsters will have many unique shapes and powers, Kyte tends to use certain ones more then others. He will some times trick his opponent or target into telling him their greatest fear, and with this jutsu he will bring it to life.

Massive Monsters

Kyte will draw massive creatures with in human streangth, these creatures out of nightmares will destroy anything in their path.

Evil Minions

Kyte will draw strange little creatures, these creatures would scare children, and some adults but their main task is distractions they don't have much power except for fear.

Natural Nightmares

Kyte will draw such things as creepy living trees, or cause strange eerie winds to flow through the area, again these are mainly to scare and distract.

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