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Moulding Mushroom

  • Moulding Mushroom in an ordinary form.
  • Moulding Mushshroom in the progressive form.






Literal English

Moulding Mushroom


Appears in

Game only



  • Gaiaku Uchiha
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The Moulding Mushroom is a type of mushroom that quickly spreads on a ship's rations during the night.

At first, it looks like an edible ordinary mushroom, but after a night of spreading spores, new mushrooms grow in different colours. By eating the mushrooms, a person develops a purple face and mushrooms spread on their bodies. Some of the mushrooms devour chakra like in Yamato's case, and hence it is widely believed that they do so in the same way to all of those who possess the DNA of Hashirama Senju. When people eat them, they become unaware of their own actions like in the cases of Naruto and Guy.

Originally believed to have gone extinct, they have resurfaced in the possession of Gaiaku Uchiha, who from the last mushroom, developed many, of which are stored within scrolls stored within his garments.

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