Meidō Zangetsuha

Meido Zangetsuha





Meidō Zangetsuha

Literal English

Dark Path Slashing Moon Wave


Appears in

Game only



Rinnegan Kekkei Genkai, Kenjutsu, Dōjutsu




All ranges

Other jutsu


  • Gaiaku Uchiha
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The Meidō Zangetsuha (冥道斬月波, lit."Dark Path Slashing Moon Wave") is an immensely strong and powerful offensive technique that creates massive, elliptical waves of chakra, bearing a shading resembling the night sky at the target(s). This technique may only be used by the wielder of Tenseiga, presently Gaiaku Uchiha.

These waves do not inflict physical harm to their target(s), instead passing through, and nullifying, chakra that they make contact with. Generally the larger the wave, the more chakra it can 'severe', so a large wave potentially possesses the ability to 'severe' the entire chakra network of several, 'average' humans standing side-to-side. Of course, the large one's chakra capacity, the greater resistance they possess to having the entirety of their chakra network destabilized upon contact with one of these blades, that will pass through their body/ies without physically harming them, 'reaping' away an amount of chakra proportional to the size of the wave.

While although these waves travel fast, they're still avoidable, and are hence ineffective against opponents prioritizing speed over brawl in combat. This flaw can be compensated by generating a plethora of black waves, although this would leave Gaiaku unable to access the more 'practical' techniques affiliated with the Preta Path. That being said though, this technique is highly effective to use against chakra-based/dependent projectiles. These waves are only completely absorbable by masters of the Preta Path, and even so, will not feed them chakra.

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