Lightning Dragon's

All Dragons carry the Affinity of Raiton. The wings of these Dragons are made of Metal. They CAN fly. The Metal wings are able to absorb Raiton ninjutsu, as well as natural thunder and lightning. The Dragons are able to change the molecules of itself and Takeo (When Takeo is inside of the Dragon) and move at the speeds of Lightning as well as take on the form of lightning while doing so. This takes no Chakra from Takeo, but takes a great deal of Chakra from the Dragon itself.

Takeo is the sole Contracter to these Dragons. Takeo is in possesion of the only Contract. Takeo is now in possession of the Contract from a scroll Solo left for him.




Raimaru, the first Lightning Dragon that Takeo ever summoned. Raimaru is the leader of all of the Lightning Dragons at the moment. His overwhelming power is enough to take anyone down a couple notches!

Affinities: Raiton and Fuuton




The second Dragon Takeo has summoned. This Dragon has a very prideful nature. Its pride lies in its Strength, Cunning and Speed. His ability to assess situations and deal with them accordingly has greatly benifited Takeo on his multitude of travels.

Affinities: Raiton and Doton




The Third Dragon that Takeo has summond. He is the wisest of all the Dragons. Due to the deal that Levy made with Raimaru, Raikou shares his knowledge with Takeo. This Dragon has passed down an Aniceint Dragon Relic on to Solo, The Lightning Blade. The Blade has been passed down to Takeo.

Affinities: Raiton, Hyouton and Fuuton




This is the fourth Dragon that Takeo has summoned. This Dragon isn't much for fighting or at the very least doesn't like to unless provoked. Once he does begin to fight, he really gets into it. At times, he can get carried away with the thrill of the battle.

Affinities: Raiton, Suiton and Fuuton

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