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Kenshi (剣士, Swordsman) is another puppet in Eikan's arsenal, although used less often than his other puppets, nevertheless it is an extremely unique puppet created by Eikan. Kenshi is a human sized puppet modeled after the samurai of the Land of Iron; its appearance is that of a humanoid puppet wearing red color heavy plate-armor akin to traditional samurai. It also wears a helmet with long curved horns and face mask, it has glowing yellow eyes. Because of its small size the puppet is extremely agile and is easy to use, it is equipped with two swords which can be used for melee combat; the swords themselves are covered in poison. Its stomach contains a thick cable coiled around a pole, allowing the puppeteer to use it as a stinger and retract it if necessary. The puppet is kept in an worn out indigo colored scroll.


- Due to its small human shaped form, it is extremely agile, capable of leaping from wall to wall to confuse and distract enemies; it can also attack from a variety of angles.

- Several poison-tipped darts such as kunai or senbon.

- Hidden serrated-blades in each segment of its arms.

- Equipped with a special flight mechanism that allows it to maneuver high above the air from where it can bomb targets.

- A chakra shield is also installed inside the puppet. The mechanism inside the puppet allows it to open one of its arms into many segments, throughout which the user can radiate their chakra. The chakra then spreads out like a thin film and turns into a protective sheet, blocking all physical attacks and some jutsu

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