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The advanced fire style is a pseudo kekkei genkai unique to Uchiha Rare that combines fuuton and katon chakra prior to the creation of a jutsu.

Kōdai Katon

Literally meaning "Advanced Fire Style", Uchiha, Rare's Kōdai Katon has established dominance in his vast capability of techniques. By introducing Katon and Fūton elements in unison - in methods justified as simply fueling the katon natured chakra - Rare has produced a much more devastating force capable of even reaching magma-like temperatures and comparisons of gale wind speeds. It seems that this concoction of sorts has been attempted several times prior to Rare's use, yet his seems to surpass many others. There seems to be a sort of hint that may lay dormant within his very blood - something powerful that neighbors his Uchiha blood, that would explain his amazing resistance to fire, extreme heat and the alike to the point of not being harmed by anything near or below koudai katon temperatures. This is also the one reason that allows him to survive the usage of plasma release.

It is rumored that others have somehow managed to obtain this ability and dubbed it firestorm release, however, due to his mastery over the two elements along with Kōdai Katon itself after years and years of training his ability with such is unrivaled.

The issue of Kōdai Katon being a kekkei genkai or not has been raised several times in the past as it resembles no other elemental bloodline limit. Rather than a perfect fusion between two elements, the two elements are combine in a way in which one dominates over the other, feeding on it, empowering katon while disposing of fuuton, not really giving birth to a new element but rather to an overly powerful version of katon. In truth, this is simply a special ability contained by his Hi no Kyuuten "mutation".