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Infinite Armour






Mugen Kōgai

Literal English

Infinite Armour

English TV

Infinite Kujaku Armour



[[|Naruto Episode #218]]

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The Infinite Armour was a unique armoured chest plate, fashioned into the shape of a tiger's face. This armour has the abilities to take almost all the damage in a fall and draw out and absorb the chakra of anyone or anything that comes into contact with it: when Gaara's chakra-imbued sand came into contact with it, the chakra moulded into the sand was drained and the sand fell inert. When Rock Lee tried to attack Suiko directly, the armour drained the chakra out of the kick. To extend the reach of the armour's chakra draining ability, Suiko used the armour in conjunction with a specialised flail, that allowed the Infinite Armour to drain an opponent's chakra through it.

It is first seen worn by Suiko of the Four Celestial Symbols Men. After Suiko's defeat by Gaara, it was then summoned by the Four Celestial Symbols Men leader, Hōki. While still wearing the armour, Hōki summons and revives the body of the armour's creator, Seimei, offering up his own body to resurrect Seimei. Hōki used the armour and a specialised cage to drain the One-Tailed Shukaku's chakra from Gaara to power the jutsu that revived Seimei and empowered all of his crafted weapons.

The Infinite Armour cannot drain chakra faster than a piercing projectile can penetrate the armour itself: Suiko died when Gaara felled him with a Spear of Sand, and Seimei was defeated when Gaara used his Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku technique to pierce the armour and then used Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral to crush and bury both Seimei and the armour.

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