Harcesis: Sandstorm







Harsesisu: Suna Arashi

Literal English

Harcesis: Sandstorm


Appears in

Game only



Nature Icon Harcesis Kekkei Tōta, Ninjutsu


Nature Icon Harcesis Harcesis


Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary


All ranges


  • Yomi
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With heavier emphasis on the wind portion of Harcesis, Yomi is capable of creating a particularly hellish blackened, sandy tornado. Although it takes time and both notable power and focus to form, if not stopped it can cause theatrical levels of destruction; heavily infused with Harcesis chakra, the tornado dehydrates and erodes nearly anything it passes over into further sand to add onto itself. Due to this, with sufficient time it can grow so massive in both size and potency that not even Yomi is able to stop it herself anymore, loathe though she may be to admit it.

If used in an arid environment such as the desert of the Land of Wind, the tornado is one of the few Harcesis techniques capable of damaging even metal with relative ease, able to viciously scrape away at the surface and cause cracks in its form, weakening it notably even if not necessarily capable of fully destroying it.

Alternatively Yomi is capable of using this technique in a lush environment as well, although at greatly diminished power since the over-abundance of water present actually hinders it. Despite this however, by summoning the tornado around her she is more than able still to repel incoming strikes at such locations, sending objects and people caught in its rotation high up into the air, flung away potentially quite a long distance too.

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