Harcesis: Desert Swamp






Harsesisu: Sabaku Numachi

Literal English

Harcesis: Desert Swamp


Appears in

Game only



Nature Icon Harcesis Kekkei Tōta, Ninjutsu


Nature Icon Harcesis Harcesis


Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary


All ranges


  • Yomi
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Yomi creates a blackened, blade-like swirl of sand about her hand through Harcesis, then accelerates it up to quite some speed to increase its power. Once deeming it charged enough, she stabs it into the ground while releasing the previously contained rotating power, creating a gargantuan pit of quicksand in front of her. Though eroding the soil and accompanying matter into sand consumes the chakra, thus no dehydration of caught victims occurs, the likeness to a hole straight into the abyss is still strong due its grim color. While the technique relies on the presence of an underground water source, something she has a talent for detecting after living in the desert area for quite some time, this does guarantee it potentially quite terrifying suction power as the flow carries the sand away; anyone, or anything, caught at or nearby the center of the pit is most unlikely to avoid being buried alive and suffocating to death.

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