Colorless Destruction (無色 - 破壊, Mushoku Hakai)





Gender Male Male

  • Part I: 18
  • Part II: 20
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Blood type
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Kekkei Genkai

Sharingan Triple Sharingan

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Sage of Karasu

[Hebi] Stealth Squad in Karasu/ Kage of Karasu No Mura

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Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure






Ninja Rank
Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Can perform One-Handed Kata with both Hands and perform summoning with no handsigns
  • He can summon crows
  • He was born with a 0 tomoe Sharingan
  • He has a crow which belonged to a true Shinobi.
His name means destruction, this may hint towards this male's personality.. He was once known as Shirosaki until one day he was slain and fell into the other world. He walked aimlessly there until he stumbled upon the Shinigami. Shirosaki wasn't a normal Shinobi and he sinced this and offered Shirosaki a deal.. If he would gather souls which wondered from his grasps and brought them back to him, he'd revive him. Shirosaki understood this was the only way he could return so he did so.. He fought and fought, gaining more favors for the Shinigami. Shirosaki trained with many Shinobi who passed on from the world of the living and even wondered into a special spirit of a crow. This crow had special eyes and took a liking to Shirosaki. After he gained enough favors he then gave them to the Shinigami and he kept his promise.. The Shinigami gave Shirosaki life once more.. But this time he slipped not into Shirosaki's body... But into Hakai's.. This gave Shirosaki new life.. He no longer would be Shirosaki... He from that day forward was known as... Hakai..

As Hakai awoke he noticed the spirit of the crow followed him into the world of the living... This wasn't noticed by the Shinigami since the spirits of Crow's slip through the worlds with ease. Hakai didn't understand why the crow followed him but he simply allowed the spirit to follow..

The Era Of Karasu

11 800

Karasu No Mura

Hakai, along side his bestfriend Hitomi, formed a wonderful clan which is free of drama. The name of this clan is simply, Karasu No Mura. litterally meaning "The Village of Crows"

In Karasu there are many different kind of people from many different bloodlines. There is no racism, no one is above anyone, we are all equal. The clan is kind and caring where everyone looks out for one another. We all protect eachother and this is why Karasu will never fall.


226251-ashes ashes by malicegrimno1 super

Sadistic: He enjoys to cause others pain, mentally, physically, any kind of pain.. Is fine.. He enjoys fighting and sparing. Hakai if possible would most likely never stop fighting... Not even when he is on his last leg.

Hotheaded: He is VERY short tempered and once his anger gets a hold of him there is no telling what he will do. Who he will attack, how many people he will attack if they get in his way, and what he will destroy out of anger. He has learned over the years that its better to let out his anger than to keep it bottled up.. It ends badly if he bottles it up..

Blunt: He will simply tell you what is on his mind, no matter your rank, your skill, your "resources", no matter what. If you do something he doesn't like he WILL tell you. He might not be rude about it unless there is a reason for him to be rude, but he will tell you what is what without a second thought. He cant stand when women have no respect for themselves and "flaunt" themselves.. If he sees someone he considers a... Strumpet..


Hakai has a special zanpakuto that is like a small dagger but when he sends his chakra through it, the blade's steel increases in size.

Hakai's katana can shift from small length to larger in a blink of an eye. He can channel his chakra to the edge of his blade and send out bursts of air from it plus chakra.

At the moment Hakai is a Kage. He can perform strong enough jutsu to help him win fights. He still is very weak in the area of Genjutsu but he knows how to disable them, just not how to perform many genjutsus. His speed is at rank with Kage and he can use this speed to his advantage. Increasing chakra to his limbs he can increase his speed for a few minutes making his speed that which surpasses most Kage. Using a special jutsu he created himself, he can almost match that of the Raikage. If used to often it could harm his chakra flow and cause the amount of chakra he can use to decrease.

Hakai has gone through Nan no Kaizo [Soft Physique Modification] which was Originally developed for spying activities, this technique can be done after some surgery and actual body modification. He can now stretch and twist any parts of his body at any angle, elongating and allowing himself to coil around his opponent, surprising them. This allows himself to move almost snakelike..


Best Friend: Hitomi/Ayame

Students: Karyn, DarkAngel, and Aiyoku.

Sensei: Lacks one

Fiancée: Ameretsu

Father: Lacks one

Mother: Lacks one

Sister: AnanBreeze, DeadlyLoveLetter, and DarkAngel

Brother : Lacks one

Daughter: Sharania

Son: Lacks one

Edits/Editing Details

I have edited for many people and I am quite trustworthy. I usually let the person pick his or her price that they are comfortable paying BUT also is fair for my work. My work averages anywhere from 300-500 DP to 1k-2k dp. More work = more DP it is worth.

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Unrivaled Mei




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