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Gray Wolf (灰色の狼, Haiiro Okami) is another one of Eikan’s master creation, and is currently one the few puppets that stay true to its name due to its resemblance to a wolf. Its appearance is that of a quadruped puppet like creature with a metallic grey body and a long tail, mounted on top of its shoulder is a canon capable of firing a large number of kunai, it also possesses a single red eye. Due to its long and large structural build the wolf can store a large number of weapons and accessories that other puppets are incapable of. Throughout the years of his research and development Eikan has installed quite a few amount of function to the wolf unit puppet. In addition to its storing capabilities the gray wolf is also an extremely well-crafted puppet, it has both good offense and defense. This puppet is one of Eikan’s most favorite and frequently used puppets, and due to the sheer number of weapons available within the puppets body, Eikan can use this puppet when outnumbered


- As a result of its animal like structure the Gray Wolf has proven itself to be a very useful weapon, and when used by a master puppeteer it has the potential to become a very dangerous weapon. It has good offensive and defensive properties due to the amount of weapons attached to this particular puppet. The puppet is strong enough to break through a large boulder and smash it into pieces.

- On its shoulders it possess a rail-gun capable of firing large number of kunai.

- An extendable iron tail that can be used for stabbing or can be used to pierce through an enemy’s defense. It is even capable of grabbing onto a single enemy unit. - A senbon launcher installed onto the right side of its leg, it is capable of firing a large number senbons at successive rates.- Capable of firing smoke bombs from inside its body in order to blind opponents. The smokescreens can also be made up of poisonous gas to serve a secondary purpose.- From its belly can fire a long metallic cable with a sharp metal blade attached to it. The blade is covered in poison that can prove to be quite lethal. The cable can also be used to restrict a puppets movement and can be even used as a defense by rotating it around the body, using it to stop incoming projectile attacks

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