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The Gram Sword is a long sword made with a combination of valaryian steel and pure chakra metals. The former is a very rare material that is only found in a few weapons. The raw form of this strong metal is unknown to modern civilization and makes this weapon quite valuable.

Also being known through history as Balmung, or Nothung, this blade is unique with it's history. Most swords of this nature are widely known. However in the Shinobi Realm this sword is mostly unknown.

The base of the blade is jagged to catch an opponent's clothing or to shred their flesh. The hilt and pommel of the blade are decorated with alchemically created golds and other metals.

That chakra metals that are blended perfectly with the valaryian steel makes this blade even more powerful to those with the lightning and wind affinity.

One other ability found with the blade is that it feeds the wielder with the memories of anything that is impaled.

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