editGiant Bee









A large bee, this summon has a number of body piercings and Rinnegan, implying it is being controlled by somebody.


Having a jaw of razor sharp teeth, a deadly stinger, and wings capable of causing gale force winds, this insect is a difficult opponent. It can also spit massive amount of honey from its mouth to trap and ensnare its victims.


The bees summoned by the Giant Bee.

It was modified by Yūmei via the Amplification Summoning Technique, so that it may produce a large swarm of bees (approximately 80) similar to itself, which carry the Chakra Receiver and the Rinnegan like the original. Should the Giant Bee be destroyed, one of the bees within the swarm will have its size greatly amplified in response, quickly substituting its predecessor's place.

The smaller bees are, unlike the original, capable of feasting on chakra like the Aburame Clan's kikaichū, and when injured or destroyed, releases sticky honey on the opponent, strong enough to immobilise them. This is particularly effective against opponents who rely on close range physical attacks.

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