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 Genbu is a puppet created long ago by a puppeteer based out of Sunagakure, now repurposed into one of the many personal marionettes used by the Otsutsuki Clan’s leader; Rusaku Otsutsuki.

Upon being recovered, the puppet was almost entirely rebuilt to suit the needs of it’s new master. It’s already tough exterior was upgraded by adding overlapping layers of Kaguya bone so it could indeed fill the role of Rusaku’s main defensive asset. Genbu’s insides are laced with a seal unique to the Otsutsuki clan that disrupts all Doujutsu from seeing what is being harbored within, allowing Rusaku to take refuge inside of it without worry of outsiders knowing what he is doing, or what he looks like.

As with all puppets, Genbu was outfitted with numerous weapons that allow it to take an offensive stance, despite it’s primary role being a guardian. As it’s namesake, the Turtle has a long snake-like tail that can attack with deadly accuracy and speed; it’s fangs coated in a poison exclusive to Rusaku. In addition, both the turtle and snake can fire a multitude of Rusaku’s kunai at a rapid pace, usually fulfilling the role of spreading his markers about any particular zone. Finally there are a number of scrolls hidden in various locations and compartments that act as mediums for some of Rusaku’s techniques, removing the need for him to weave hand seals should the need arise.  

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