Fluidize Technique


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Hiden, Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu


Nature Icon Water Water Release


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  • Akira Hozuki
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This technique is considered the direct opposite of the Hydrification technique. Instead of focusing on liquifying the user's body it focuses on fluidizing everything else around the target. By making direct physical contact with a target the user can liquify any or all of the targetted area. Giving this jutsu a wide variety of uses such as:

- Capable of mending other's physical wounds.

- Can liquify a portion of a target's body or technique before pushing the liquified area away to cause dismemberment or destabilization accordingly.

- Can liquify portions of the area to trap the opponent or launch surprise attacks from a variety of different angles.


Although this technique has the capacity to liquify all it touches, the technique is still just water. And as such can be destroyed via the same means as water.

Creation and Conception

After reflecting on the Hozuki clan's Hydrification Technique. Akira began to consider the possibility of expanding on it's capabilities to transmute things into fluids and back. After creating the technique he has kept it a secret and rarely uses it unless needed.

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