Fire Dragons

Takeo is the Sole Contracter to these malicious beasts. He is in possesion of the only Contract for these creatures. He is the Contracts official Holder.

Takeo is now in possession of the Contract from a scroll Solo left for him.



Ryusion is the oldest of the Fire Dragons. He is also the leader of the Other Fire Dragons. He has a high since of pride, for being the part of the most ferousious breed of Dragon.

Affinities: Katon and Fuuton




Ryucon, a malicious and patranizing entity. He is unforgiving and finds opennings to strike down his opponents with ease. At times, Takeo has difficulty keeping Ryucon under control. At unfortunate times, Ryucon has been able to get his hands on innocent people and devour them to Takeo's dismay.

Affinities: Katon, Doton




Ryuton is a bit of a Gambler. Without thought, he usually jumps into battle without sizing up his opponent. This is not to say that he is careless, just that he does not care who is going to attack him and if he can win or not.

Affinities: Katon, Fuuton

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