editFenric Tsubaki




Astrological Sign Capricorn December 31


Gender Male Male

Age About 39
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Blood type



Servant (Butler)

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Takeda Clan

Fenric Tsubaki (Nicknamed "Fen" by Lightning is a vassal to Lightning Takeda


Fenric is a tall, young looking man with white hair and amber eyes, he is typically seen wearing what a typical servant would, although a bit more "customized." A red coat and white dress shirt underneath, and black pants. The shirt is open at the neck, revealing white bandages. In battle, he wears gloves.


Fen is very loyal to the Takeda clan, having taken care of Lightning since he was a child. He tends to be extremely polite and well intentioned, though he can also be a workaholic. His overpreparedness is perhaps his greatest trait, to the point where he is often shown having a near clairvoyant ability in buying, creating, or giving things to others in Light's stead, etc. etc.

However, it's shown that he cannot plan for anything in a combat situation, because when in combat, (though it's very rare) he becomes very much enraged and can barely control his own actions.


Fen is a servant by choice (vassal.) All that is known is that he was employed by Shingen and Nohime Takeda before their deaths, and has looked after Lightning since his arrival in Sunagakure.

Fen didn't really raise Lightning per se, but rather catered to him, the child was ill most of the time, so Fen often had to prepare medicine, or find clean, efficient ways to do things so that he could be prepared for the scenario in which "Light feels he is ready to die, or is in need of something."

Yet, one day,when Fen entered the infirmary of the manner to feed the boy, he found the bed empty, and the window open just slightly. Fen did not leave the house for fear of it "going to hell in his leave." Which is likely why Light was able to evade coming home for so long.

Almost 10 years later, however, the boy returned. Fen did nothing but return to his ways of a well intentioned worker.


"I'll kill you."

"All is for my lord."

"Do us all a favor, as opposed to enlightening us with your ever so vast knowledge, shut up and get on with it!"


-Fen's name, loyalty,catchphrase, and servant status are all directly taken from "Disgaea 4" although the -h was removed from the name of the character.

-Fen is apparently a competant fighter, why he never fights is unknown.

-Fen's favorite words are "Loyalty" and "Lunar"

-Fen's least favorite words are "Distrust" and "Disrespect"

--The relationship between Light and Fen mirrors that of Valvatorez and Fenrich (Disgaea 4, loyalty to one's lord) Rachel Alucard and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (one being strict about being polite and respectful, and again, loyalty) and that between Mao and Geoffrey (Disgaea 3, raising one as a child without parents, and his extreme preparedness.)

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