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Erase Release


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Erase Release (消遁, Shōton) is an advanced nature kekkei tōta, an advanced version of kekkei genkai, which is created by combining the water, wind, and yang natures.

An Erasure (消去, Shōkyo) nature, yielding Erase Release (消遁, Shōton). Erasure is the act of removing something. Both wind and water are associated with removal of things, such as blowing stuff away (such as blowing out a fire, or blowing away dust) and washing out and diluting stuff. This nature would act using these qualities, associating them with Yang Release, which would create an imbalance of the target's Yin and Yang, overwhelming it with Yang, causing the Yin (responsible for form) to collapse.

Basically this technique is capable of creating explosive creatures, that are made invisible by the above properties, hence erasing them from sight. The creatures vary in size, traits, and firepower. Generally the bigger the creature, the wider and stronger the explosion. Some of these creatures can be made to fly, dig underground, etc. The creatures are also at the command of Yoko Kurama and will obey his every whim, reducing risk of self harm and friendly fire. However, due to these creatures consisting of chakra their chakra outline can be seen by dojutsu or presence sensed by sensor shinobi. Beyond that, they are virtually undetectable to the other senses.


  • Credit for the concept (found here) goes to Omnibender and ShounenSuki (for creating the icon .svg).
  • While Omnibender is credited to the basic idea, the premise of the technique descends from Karasu's abilities in Yu Yu Hakusho.