Decay Release

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Literal English

Decay Release

Viz manga

Decay Style


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 Decay Release (崩遁 Hōton; Viz “Decay Style”)is a kekkei tōta formed from Fire, Water, and Wind Release chakras.

Decay is the process by which organic substances are broken down into simpler forms of matter. Fire chakra is the energy that provides the power to break apart the bonds of organic matter, water chakra allows the energy to flow to attack and form defensive walls, and wind chakra grants the attacks high speeds and the ability to form sharp blades. This allows Decay Release to be used for offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes. It can attack an opponent, defend against their strikes, or even trap them in its grip.

The effect of contact with this chakra is as one would expect, the near immediate decay of any organic matter. If one were to press their hand to a wall of Decay Release chakra and immediately remove their hand, for instance, they would find the skin completely rotted away, leaving only exposed musculature. If one were to become completely engulfed in it they would find themselves quickly rotted away to nothing but bone. Though its inability to break down bone does leave room for certain defenses. Unfortunately it does not have any effect on chakra. Earth Release can block it, assuming the rock created is not sedimentary in nature, but it can pass through any of the other four types. Decay chakra is not “damaged” by Fire, Water, Wind, or Lightning Release chakra, but if any of them are moving with significant force they will displace the Decay chakra, and likely disperse the technique being used. The only exception is if the Decay chakra has been hardened for defensive purposes, but even then it is no harder than a stone wall, so strong jutsu can effectively “break” the Decay chakra under those conditions. However, if a chakra nature creates organic matter, notably Wood Release, it will be devoured by the Decay Release chakra just as easily as any other organic matter.

Due to the dangerous nature of the Decay chakra it would be unwise to attempt to absorb it. Anyone who took the chakra into their own body would merely be rotting themselves from the inside out, unless they possess the ability to break the chakra down to a simpler form and absorb it safely, such as with the Preta Path’s Blocking Technique Absorption Seal

Additional Users: Shadow, Athos.