Dark Release: Shadow Clone

Dark Clone





Meiton: Kage Bunshin

Literal English

Dark Release: Shadow Clone


Appears in

Movie only



Nature Icon Dark Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu




Offensive, Supplementary

Hand seals

Normal Kage Bunshin Seals


  • Goū
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Before one has the ability to use the technique, they must first have the knowledge of the Shadow Clone Technique. Much like the shadow clone technique, the clones are not illusions but actual clones. Although, the clones made from the dark chakra can withstand more damage. The clones are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed or simulate death. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original, meaning that previous injuries, such as cuts and scrapes, will appear on the clones.

Once the clones disperse they do not turn into clouds of smoke, rather, a thick black substance will be shot from the the clones. If the black substance comes into contact with anyone it will sink into their skin and become hazardous to the blood stream and act as a poison.

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