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(融合獣, Yūgō-jū)

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Chimera are a race of artificially created creatures, manufactured by the experiments of Saiteki Misumi. Generally, these beasts are comprised of aspects from different creatures, and their abilities can fluctuate vastly. Unlike traditional summons, Misumi's Chimera do not seem to possess any free-will or personality, and serve merely as tools for her. However, they do carry a degree of sentience, and can react to threats either to themselves or to Misumi without the direct need for her to say so.

Misumi's Known Chimera


Blood chimera1
Name: Maō ()

Height: 18'5" [5.61m]

Kekkei Genkai: Ketsuryūgan

Special Abilities: Unlike the rest of the Chimera on this list, Maō is the only one capable of displaying actual intelligence and cunning, and is capable of independant thoughts and actions. Bearing not only tremendous strength, speed, and resiliance, he is also implanted with a Ketsuryūgan. This allows him not only to cast powerful Genjutsu, but also allows him to perform Blood Release techniques, such as Blood Bound Weaving.

Blood Chimera

Maō's full form.

Components: Unknown



Name: Baka (ばか) 

Height: 7'6"

Kekkei Genkai: None

Special Abilities: Baka is the most simple minded of Misumi's Chimera, and is all but incapable of functioning without her guidance. Were it not for his unique ability, Misumi would have scrapped him as an abomination. In addition to enhanced strength, his muscles are capable of acting as natural shock absorbers, allowing him to drastically reduce the impact of physical attacks against him. Furthermore, Baka is capable of nearly instantly recovery from damage and can even regrow lost limbs.


Regeneration at work

: Bird, Human



Name: Isonade (磯撫で) 

Height: 7'6" [228.6cm]

Kekkei Genkai: None

Special Abilities: Isonade possesses the ability to filter oxygen through its skin while submerged in water, allowing him to stay under for long periods without needing to surface. He has enhanced strength, beyond that of a human, and can increase it further through chakra. He is capable of spitting a paralytic toxin, which immediately numbs any part of the body it touches directly. The rubberized nature of his own body can absorb impacts, and 'bounce' whatever struck him back. Additionally, while submerged, Isonade can hide both his physical and chakra presence.  


Poisonous spit

: Human, Toad, Pufferfish  



Name: Jikininki (ジキニンキ) 

Height: 8'8"  [264.1cm]

Kekkei Genkai: Steel Release

Special Abilities: Jikininki possesses vastly increased strength, even greater than that of Isonade. He is capable of tracking a target great distances by scent alone, can elongate and fire the spines from his back, and even control their flight to chase evasive targets.  


Spike shots

Human, Boar, Porcupine


Name: Akaname (あかなめ)

Height: 5'6" [167.6cm]

Kekkei Genkai: Wood Release

Special Abilities: Physically the weakest of Misumi's chimera, Akaname's usefulness lies in its ability to track chakra. Not only can it sense beings nearby, but he can pinpoint locations, and even sense chakra in inanimate objects such as seals and items. Furthermore, it can absorb chakra (or even Senjutsu) from attacks, living beings, and even from seals, rendering them inert scribblings. Infused with Senju DNA from Misumi, Akaname can perform the Mayfly technique, allowing him to avoid detection while hunting. 

Components: Human, Leech, Worm, Bikōchū Beetle


Name: Akumakame (悪魔カメ)

Height: 22'4" [6.78m]

Kekkei Genkai: None

Special Abilities: This Chimera possesses the ability to breathe fire from its mouth, and shoot superheated steam from its nose. It's massive size gives it incredible durability and resilience to attacks, allowing it to shrug all but the most devestating attacks.

Components: Lion, Turtle

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