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While on his many travels, the man known as Rusaku came into contact with a previous Kage of the Hidden Stone, whom was in search of a relic possessed by the Otsutsuki. Seeking the Sword of Kusanagi, the Tsuchikage offered Rusaku something of great value to him; a body possessing unruly power that could be converted into a Human Puppet. Recognizing the body as the Super Criminal known as Bocchiere, Rusaku immediately understood the magnitude of the situation and accepted the trade.

Returning to the Moon, Rusaku immediately made the augmentations to the body converting it into his newest Marionette, syncing it’s body and mind to that of the Tenseigan Altar. In doing this, The Puppet has lost all form of free thinking, and been entirely re-written to obey the Otsutsuki, following the prime directive of protecting Rusaku.


Due to it’s status as a Human Puppet, Iwagakure's usurper retained the ability to use his chakra and techniques from life, while also being outfitted with a number of additional weapons and seals to be used in the heat of battle.

Kekkei Tota: Unfortunately a Human puppet cannot access the full spectrum of abilities that they once possessed, requiring the puppeteer to select one of it’s more powerful traits to keep. In this case Rusaku decided to equip Bocchiere with his Dust Release Kekkei Tota.

Regular ninjutsu: While the Puppet is limited to the advanced natures it can use, it is not unable to access to the more basic ninjutsu they were able to use in life, granting Rusaku access to a gret many techniques he could not access on his own.

Modifications: In addition to retaining his chakra, Rusaku has made a number of modifications to the Marionette’s composition. One such modification is the replacement of the traditional wood plating around the puppets exterior with overlapping Kaguya bone plates, painted to mimic the traditional puppet color palette. This grants Bocchiere a greater degree of blunt force resistance, but not to the same degree as some specialized puppets such as Genbu. Within the Jashinist’s chest cavity is a spool of steel wire with a scorpion-esk blade upon it’s end to aid in long distance attacks. His arms have been equipped with both canons of water and Flamethrowers that Cut and Melt away stone respectively. Below his left arm is an additional third arm that usually hides within the cloak that masks his modified body, used for varying purposes. His tongue has been replaced with a roll of seals containing a spectrum of abilities. The most notable of such is a summoning rite that produces tools and other puppet arms for offense, or to bring forth poison smokescreens; all of which is marked with Rusaku’s flying Raijin seal.

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