Place of Being: Sunagakure Charka Style: Suiton Animal partner: Miku (Wolf) Father: Chusaki Takaharu (?)

Current Rank: Genin Bloodline: Kamigan Weapons: Twin swords,a large sword and a set of daggers. Clan: Traveler's Respite Rank: Leader

Summons: None of as yet.

Ashlynn graduted the ninja academy at a young age since she surpassed everything the teachers taught her. Her brother followed suit shortly after.

Ashlynn is well a strange girl,her mother was an angel so she can grow a pair of blue wings that can easily warp around two people her and someone elsa. She rarely lets people see them because she fears someone would call her a freak.

Her bloodline is a strange thing since it can control the elements and with her she can go into a differnet form and have more control over the water more so then usual.

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