ℭ⑂αηїḓ℮Soul is an S-class missing-nin who currently resides in Otogakure. He is loyal to the Otokage Trev. He is extremely cunning and unpredictable. His true intentions are known only by him.

editℭ⑂αηїḓ℮ Soul

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Gender Male Male




5"7 ft


145 lb

Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

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S-class nin

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    Otogakure Symbol Otogakure


Ninja Rank


Nature Type


Soul is one of the Demon Twins of the Mist. His twin brother is Uzumaki, Blaze. Not much is known about their origin other than being feared all throughout Kirigakure. Soul and his brother are like Yin and Yang. They're abilities synergize to deadly results, yet are also each other's ultimate weakness. Each possessing abilities that could strike down the other. After they had a falling out Soul joined Oto and captured Blaze as their prisoner. Out of the two Soul is the more calm and collected. He is highly intelligent and very cunning. Currently he is ranked the 2nd most powerful of the Sound Five.



Born with the Rinnegan of 1 Path, he is able to control attractive and retractive forces.


Born with hidden Uchiha blood, he has awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan. Due to his mastery of chakra control, he is able to leave his sharingan activated at all times.


Born with Kaguya blood, he is able to manipulate the bones in his body to use as weapons. He can control calcium deposits in his bones making them harder than chakra-infused steel.

Chimera Technique

Soul has been operated on by Otokage Trev to be given the Chimera Technique. He now has the ability to assimilate 4 shinobi into his body to absorb their abilities and kekkei genkai. Once he has absorbed 4 shinobi and become complete he will become immortal.


He tends to never use genjutsu, but due to his Sharingan he is able to see through most genjutsus and counter them.


He has mastered taijutsu to compliment his Shikotsumyaku. He wastes no energy in his movements and is faster than most shinobi.

Dark Release: Chakra Absorbtion

He has acquired this ability through means of using the Chimera Technique. He can absorb chakra through a diamon point on his palm. He can either absorb the chakra to replenish his own, or he can fire it back in the form of a ball of energy that explodes on impact.

Wood Release

After long and painful experimentation, he has successfully implanted Senju cells into his bone marrow granting him the ability to use Mokuton. He level of mastery of Mokuton is slightly higher than that of Yamato.


Soul has a generally laid back personality. He does have a tendency to be random. His goals are to achieve power and be one of the best shinobi around. He will go to any lengths to achieve this goal.

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