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Free Claims List?

So I was thinking, that maybe there should be a section in The Claimed that's reserved for custom/original jutsu that are up for grabs by anybody. Or maybe a whole new page should be created titled "Free Claims" for them.

I also thought about having a section for Conditional Claims, where certain conditions must be met in order to learn certain techniques. Like the Fire Release Armour/Fire Release Chakra Mode being conditional in the sense that only Uchihas may start out with it/learn it as a Hiden.

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I don't see why not. There are already some jutsu up that say they can be claimed on their pages, though maybe not enough to justify making a page for them. Though I feel it's more for people to put things on in the future than for anything that exists now, right?


It only appears in the edit summaries, and not on the pages themselves. But think of it this way too: The series has ended, and the techniques section of the Fourth Databook has been translated. So we have nothing else to do but to start making more original stuff.

Or maybe just rip the list to shreds since its purpose was ruined D:
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